Fermentation Philosophy

Our Fermentation Philosophy:

  • Perceive sur lie age all their Pétillant Naturel Organic Kombucha Teas for extended periods @ 8C.
  • Perceive process their Pétillant Naturel Organic Kombucha Tea using an ancient and traditional process called Pétillant Naturel.
  • Perceive use remuage (hand riddling) , and hand dégorgement for selected Perceive Pétillant Naturel Organic Kombucha Teas.
  • Perceive ferment in un-toased French Oak Fermentation Vats or Glass.
  • Perceive present and package their Pétillant Naturel Organic Kombucha Tea fit for the finest of occasions.
  • Perceive endeavor to prevent their Pétillant Naturel Organic Kombucha Tea from touching stainless steel or food grade plastics of any kind, for any length of time.
  • Perceive prefer long, slow, cold fermentation.
  • Perceive only bottle into glass.
  • Perceive use real corks.
  • Perceive use no SO2 (Nasty chemical used in almost all wines and other processed foods)
  • Perceive use no chemicals or preservatives in their Pét-Nat Organic Kombucha Teas.
  • Perceive use exotic USDA Certified Organic Teas.
  • Perceive use either fresh New Zealand rain water, triple filtered, and ozone treated, or, Reverse Osmosis filtered spring water.
  • Where Perceive use ‘flavors’ , they are in the form of real pieces of Certified Organic Herbs/Spices  (not extracts/essences)


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